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10 Questions with Joseph Whittaker

Updated: Mar 5

10 questions is a blog series hosted by North Shore Barbell aimed at giving exposure to some of New Zealand's top powerlifters & coaches.

Joseph Whittaker is one of New Zealand's strongest Powerlifters, regardless of federation. With NZ's biggest ever raw squat (in knee sleeves) and total under his belt and numerous records within NZPF & WPNZ, Joe is truly a powerlifter you should be following!

Best lifts in competition:

383kg Squat / 232.5kg Bench / 350kg Deadlift | 965.5kg Total at 136kg

Visit Joe's OpenPowerlifting profile for more information on his lifting history.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Better known as Joe I’m 34 from the winterless north Whangarei, I’ve been in the painting trade for 20 years now as an industrial spray painter.

How did you start lifting weights, at what age and why?

I started lifting weights for the first time end of 2012 after tearing my right calf for the 6th time in pre-season for rugby 🤦‍♂️.

Joe squatting at the World Powerlifting Shanghai FIBO Expo 2019 - He won best lifter at this meet.

What drew you to Powerlifting specifically?

To be honest it was a poster I seen on the wall at the gym I was training at, I got in touch with some local lifters and went and gave it ago!

From the first training session I was hooked and well I guess the rest is history.

Who or what are your biggest influences when it comes to lifting and anything related to it?

Reuben Simanu. When I looked up the records in my weight class his name was all over them, I reached out to him and he became not only my lifting mentor but a close friend, the thing that stood out the most when talking to Reuben was how humble he was talking about what he had achieved in the sport of powerlifting