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The PPS Beginners Powerlifting Programme

When we started Powerlifting back in 2014, there wasn't much available in the way of Powerlifting Programmes and all anyone really knew was 5/3/1, 5x5 and the Candito Intermediate programme.

Since then, Powerlifting has come a long way, with coaching now being a viable business for those who live and breathe the sport. This is awesome, it allows athletes to progress at a much faster rate and avoid training mistakes that many of us made back when there was a scarcity of information.

The one main draw back is; how do you figure out if you're keen on working with a coach/even pursuing Powerlifting without dropping cash on a coach or a fool-proof programme?

Well, we've got it sorted with the Precise Powerlifting Systems Beginners Programme.

Jason has put together a robust, beginners Powerlifting programme designed for people who have some lifting experience (specifically Squatting, Bench Pressing and Deadlifting) but haven't completed a full Powerlifting training block before.

The programme takes you through a 4 week Powerlifting specific block and will help build your strength and work capacity through training with variations of the Squat, Bench and Deadlift as well as accessory lifts.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in trying? If so you can download at the North Shore Barbell store.

Coach Jason "chalking" athlete Sam Tilby before a big Squat in competition

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