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Your guide to the New Zealand Invitational Powerlifting Competition

Updated: Mar 5

The New Zealand Invitational is a Powerlifting event hosted by the Auckland Powerlifting Association designed specifically to showcase New Zealand's top IPF lifters in head-to-head competition across numerous weight classes. The competition will be taking place on Sunday 22 March at Trusts Arena in Henderson, West Auckland during the LiveFit Expo.

The NZ Invitational (NZI for short) is a direct replacement for New Zealand Record Breakers, a competition where top NZPF were invited to break age and weight class records. While this event was successful, it lacked the head-to-head matchups that make Powerlifting especially exciting. The NZ Invitational takes the best parts about Record Breakers and adds an element of close competition to create something Powerlifting enthusiasts will be thrilled to watch.

Here's your guide to the first-ever New Zealand Powerlifting Invitational.

The Schedule

Lifting will commence at 11am on Sunday March 22

Flight A: All Women

Flight B: All Men

Scoring & Weight Classes

The NZ Invitational format is similar to other top level IPF Competitions, such as the Sheffield Championships and the NIPF Arnold Classic Gran Prix. Lifters compete against eachother using IPF Points, rather than total.

IPF Points are the IPFs way of determining who is the best lifter, regardless of weight class. While this formula is good it certainly has some draw backs when comparing light weight lifters to heavier lifters. To combat this, the NZ Invitational splits the competition into 4 weight categories where lifters will competing to best each other on IPF points.


  • 63kg & Under

  • 63.01kg & Over


  • 93kg & Under

  • 93.01kg & Over

Lifters can still break National records in the normal IPF weight classes and can also use this event as a qualifier for the national championships in October this year.

Lifters coaches & handlers will need to be on their A-game with an IPF Points Calculator at the ready to ensure their lifter misses no opportunities!

The Athletes

24 athletes in total were selected, 6 within each previously mentioned weight class. The athletes have been selected based on their rankings in the previously mentioned weight classes during the 2019 calendar year within NZPF.