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10 Questions with Kedric Kwan

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

10 questions is a blog series hosted by North Shore Barbell aimed at giving exposure to some of New Zealand's top powerlifters & coaches.

Kedric is an Auckland-based Powerlifting coach and PHD student, currently studying at the Auckland University of Technology. He is part of world-renowned Powerlifting coaching service "The Strength Guys" and is known far and wide as en exceptionally good powerlifting and nutrition coach, having helped a number of top athletes (cough... Taylor Atwood... Cough) maximise their performance whilst shedding weight.

Best lifts in competition:

195kg Squat / 127.5kg Bench / 260kg Deadlift | 577.5kg Total at 81.8kg



Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I'm Kedric Kwan, I doesn't matter how old I am because I'll probably look like this till I'm 50. According to the questions behind the GetStrength toilet door, I am from the land of Malaria aka Malaysia.

I currently coach powerlifters and try to provide a solid reason to my Asian parents on why I'm doing it by actually doing a PhD specifically in powerlifting research.


How did you start lifting weights, at what age and why?

I started lifting around 17 to prevent myself from becoming a mediocre athlete and to jump higher for volleyball.

Never realised I would currently be so involved in a sport that my peers will not consider as "athletic" - haha


What drew you to Powerlifting specifically?

A legitimate reason to justify my dislike of anything more than 6 reps and the awesome community that might agree and share my sentiments.


Who or what are your biggest influences when it comes to lifting and anything related to it?

Mike Tuchscherer was definitely a big influence at the start of powerlifting, still is right now. But on a day to day basis, my athletes are great influences to me. Seeing them work hard and put in the effort makes me work harder too as a coach. As much as they learn from me, I learn from them too.


What’s your best lifting memory or moment?

Best recent lifting memory would probably be garnering the awe/shock of the crowd by successfully executing a "pin press" for my first attempt on the bench press at the 2019 NZPF nationals.

Thank you Brett Gibbs ;)


What has been your biggest lifting fail?

Picking a spotter that decided to spot you on one side of the bar when you max out on the bench, causing the bar to tilt and then watch as the whole gym stares at you after the weight collapses.


What’s the best gym you’ve ever been to and/or trained at?

Performance Ground London and North Shore Barbell, Auckland.

Honourable mention goes to GetStrength gym!


What are your top 3 songs to lift to?

  • You Say Run - Yuki Hayashi

  • My Hero Academia - Yuki Hayahsi

  • Gurenge - LiSA

If you can't tell, I'm a big anime fan - haha


What is your “guilty pleasure” exercise?

The ultimate bro chest exercise aka plate squeezes to make that pec pop!


Kiss, marry, kill - Squat, Bench & Deadlift and why?


Bench because it's like the girl that really likes me (non-existent).


Deadlift - Just like marriage, the deadlift is always loyal.


Squat - To finally kill the lift that has killed me multiple times.


If you want to get in touch with Kedric about his coaching services, you can contact him at


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