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North Shore Barbell x Getstrength | Dual Gym Memberships

Updated: Mar 5

That's right - If you've got a gym membership at North Shore Barbell, you can also train at Getstrength.

In a bid to grow powerlifting in the Auckland region, North Shore Barbell & Getstrength have decided to team up in a way that we hope will add value to members from both gyms.

From the end of Level 3 lockdown in New Zealand, members from each gym will have the ability to train at the opposite gym once per week, free of charge.

In layman's terms; If you're a member of Getstrength, you can train at North Shore Barbell and vice versa.

Benches at North Shore Barbell

Why are we allowing lifters to train at both gyms?

Let's be honest, commercial gyms aren't the place to train if you're serious about Powerlifting. If you don't have access to a strength gym, it's best to make do with what you've got but there's an undeniable atmosphere that comes with training around people with similar goals.

Getstrength & North Shore Barbell offer the following:

  • The best quality lifting equipment (Eleiko, Rogue, Weider, Solid Strength, Getstrength

  • A supportive environment

  • A competitive environment

  • Two of the best Powerlifting coaches in New Zealand, Jason Clarke & John Strachan.

John Strachan, head coach at Getstrength deadlifting 280kgs

How can lifters train at each gym?

Firstly, make sure you're a member of either North Shore Barbell or Getstrength

If a member of one gym wishes to train at the other, there will be a channel available where they can request the opportunity to train. Lifters can do this once per week.