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NSBB is hosting a Powerlifting Competition!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

While our team are heavily involved in organising Powerlifting competitions around the Auckland region, we are yet to host a competition at our Birkenhead premises due to the space required.

Now, we have teamed up with our neighbours at Krav Maga Global to host the first Auckland Powerlifting Association (IPF) competition for the year on Sunday March 8th.


Where is North Shore Barbell?

NSBB is at 65-67 Birkenhead Avenue, down a driveway tucked between the Gelato Workshop and the Good Home. There will be some parking available outside the gym, which will fill up fast but you can also park up the road at Birkenhead Mall.


How will the competition run?

The competition itself will take place at the Krav Maga gym (next door to NSBB) but all warming up will take place inside North Shore Barbell.

Weigh in is at 8am & Lifting starts at 10am and will likely run till 2pm.


Where can I learn about what to expect at my first competition?

We've written about this before in a separate post. CLICK HERE


After some new Powerlifting Gear and live in Australia or New Zealand?

Head to and use the code NSBB2021 for 10% off A7 Equipment!

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